Welcome to the Jazz Factory website. We are a self-funding workshop with charitable status, open to all, offering members a chance to play all styles of jazz. We welcome and cater for players of all levels of experience and ability.

At Jazz Factory you make the music

Work with professional musicians. Express yourself through horn, reed, percussion or guitar.  Dust off that instrument and gain new confidence in performing on stage.  There’s something for everyone at the Jazz Factory. From historical roots to contemporary avant-garde, from hot to cool, from swing to soul – the great composers, soloists – the wide world of jazz!

Our range of activities in November and December 2020


Mondays – Jazz Factory Online via Zoom

Wednesdays Jazz Factory extra ‘add-on’ Zoom Sessions focusing on specific themes or projects

You can sign up for our main online session on Mondays, and an extra ‘add-on’ Zoom session on Wednesdays, or just dip into Wednesday sessions only. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for announcements.